An URGENT Message For ALL U.K. Drivers…

“Read This......
Or Lose Your Driving Licence”


‘The Ticket Timeout System’
(For Beating Speeding Tickets)

The Simple Guide Which Reveals Everything You Must Know About How To Avoid Penalty Points On Your Licence And Speeding Fines (But The Police Hope You NEVER Find Out!)

Dear Friend

What would you do if you were banned from driving and lost your licence?

Doesn’t bear thinking about does it?

Imagine – even if it was just for a week, what would happen? Unless you live in a big city, you’re almost certain to be totally dependent on your car to take you to and from work, meet business clients, or even just to go to the shops - let alone enjoy a decent social life!

The bad news is, due to a tidal wave of Government Red Tape and new motoring laws, your driving licence, and your business and social life, can now be wiped out in the blink of a speed camera...

Two Strikes And You’re Out...

Did you know that the average penalty for speeding is anything from a £60-£1,000 fine and/or a 3-6-point penalty on your driving licence?

Stumping up the cash is hard enough, but given you only have 12 points on your licence, it only takes TWO TINY MISTAKES on your part to lose your legal right to drive for months, even YEARS.

It may even leave you with a CRIMINAL RECORD...

Think about it – without a driving licence, no decent employer is going to look at you (especially if you have a criminal conviction). Which means no car, no job, no income, and your life as you know it in tatters. And it’s the Devil’s own job to get it back once you’ve lost it...

Think This Will Never Happen To You?

Think again.

By the time you finish this short message, 16 drivers across the UK will
have been convicted of speeding offences, with penalty points added to their licence and fines levied against them.

And the government will have raked on £1,000.00 in speeding fines (at the staggering rate of £3.33 a SECOND).

According to statistics from The Daily Telegraph online (from August 8th 2008), a staggering 1,773,412 million drivers were convicted and issued fixed penalty speeding fines in 2006.

Maybe you were one of them?

And those figures are a few years old. Imagine what these numbers stand at TODAY.

There’s no escape from speed cameras – they’re everywhere.

There are now over 6,000 fixed speed cameras in use on UK roads. And that does NOT include the 2,500 mobile speed cameras (in the back of enforcement vans) or the hand-held versions such as the now-infamous GATSO.

With all this in mind, time for another tough question (and please answer honestly...)

Can You Honestly Say That You’ve NEVER, EVER
Gone Above The Speed Limit In Your Life?

Let’s face it. We’ve all had our ‘moments’ when we’ve absent-mindedly hit the accelerator and gone slightly faster than we should. I’ve done it, you’ve done it, and your friends have too.

Just one problem... With all those Big Brother Speed Cameras pointing at the roads, the pencil-pushers and bureaucrats are itching to fleece as many unsuspecting drivers as possible for as much money as possible – by fair means or foul.

Yes – that means YOU. Right in the middle of their crosshairs, their next victim in the war on drivers.

Nightmare On YOUR Streets...

Chances are either you, a friend or family member have fallen foul of this avalanche of new speeding laws.

Not a huge shock really, when you consider the fact that...

The System Is Rigged In Favour Of The Police!

No great surprise there. And most people, when they get a speeding fine, just roll over and pay up – which is EXACTLY what the courts and Police want!

That’s right. They expect us to ‘grin and bear it’, and cough up the cash for a mind-boggling array of so-called ‘Speeding Offences’. Even when the ‘evidence’ used in a lot of cases is totally ILLEGAL.

You, The Driver, Are Public Enemy Number One

One thing is certain – the Police, and the courts are out for your blood. The powers that be have declared War on you the Motorist, and like Vampires, see you as a soft (and rich) target to suck blood from, over and over again.

And do you honestly think this gang of local government snoopers is REALLY going to give up milking this £113 million a year cash cow?

Get real! Speed Cameras are here to stay, and the situation is getting worse by the hour...

Who Do These People Think They Are?

After all, who in their right minds would question Police evidence from a speed camera, no matter how ridiculous? They’re the ‘Law’, so they must be right. Right?

WRONG! These people are little better than a modern-day Mafia, hell-bent on running this endless licence to print money for as long as they can get away with it – and to hell with the motorist’s innocence or guilt. All they care about is sticking their greedy little snouts in the trough – of YOUR hard-earned money.

That’s the bad news.

THE GOOD NEWS is that, contrary to popular belief, there are simple strategies you can use (which the ‘Law’ wants to keep quiet), which in certain cases can almost guarantee you will NOT be convicted of a Speeding offence.

And That’s Where I Can Help You...

My name is Dan Strauss, and my extensive research in the field of UK driving law leaves me convinced that the majority of speeding prosecutions in the UK are fundamentally flawed in both their accuracy and application.

How You Can Fight ‘The Law’ – And WIN...

When it comes to alleged speeding offences, the Police are cocky enough to think they’re open and shut cases. But a lot of the time, all it takes are a few letters to the right people, and more often than not the Police’s ‘watertight’ cases of alleged speeding offences against you can be ripped to shreds.

And that’s where The Ticket Timeout System can help you...


‘The Ticket Timeout System’
(For Beating Speeding Tickets)
–Your Chance To FIGHT BACK

The Ticket Timeout System is a simple PDF guide, which shows how anyone can fight back – and win - against wrongful Police allegations of speeding offences.

This amazing guide shows you the different types of speeding allegation you may face, a step-by-step UNIFIED approach on how to deal with a speeding allegation once you get one, and the right (and wrong) ways to proceed with your case.

Why Modern Speed Camera Technology Is
Far From Perfect (And How To Exploit
Their ‘Loopholes’ To Your Advantage)

You’ll also see why a good number of speeding allegations can be beaten, and perhaps most important of all, The Ticket Timeout System provides you with word-for-word standard letters (tried, tested and proven to work in cases against the Police) to send to the authorities.

But Let Me Make ONE Thing VERY Clear...

If you’re caught doing 95 miles an hour in a 30 MPH zone, or you’re nicked whilst blind drunk doing 150 and driving the wrong way up the M1, then The Ticket Timeout System can’t help you.

But if it’s a question of someone going just a few m.p.h. over the limit (and like I said before, which of us – hand on heart – has NEVER does this?) the chances are good that using the information inside The Ticket Timeout System could be the answer to your prayers. A proven way to stop the driving authorities from pursuing you for a fine and/or penalty points on your licence.

Here’s What Else You’ll Discover In The Ticket Timeout System...

In short, The Ticket Timeout System provides you with everything you need to challenge – and overturn – almost any unfair allegation of speeding (for alleged speeding offences which are just a few miles per hour over the legal limit), and is the ultimate peace of mind in your fight against unjust police prosecutions against you...

Now For The Most Important Part

How much would you expect to invest in a guide which shows you how to avoid having penalty points put on your licence? (And ultimately help you to keep your licence both now and in the future?)

£500.00? £200.00?

Not even close. You investment to get The Ticket Timeout System is only �67. Or 18 pence a day spread over a year...

That’s just a bit more than the price of a tank-full of petrol for the average car... Peanuts for what you get in return. Peace of mind. A near bullet-proof defence against any speeding allegations. And the chance to keep our driving licence safe and clean.

Still Not Sure? Let me put it to you this way...


Which Would You Prefer To Keep?

In other words...How Much Is Your Driving Licence Worth?

You reckon I’m being over-dramatic about this ‘losing your licence’ situation? Try telling that to the thousands of UK motorists banned from driving each year, and see what they think.

OK, so a lot of them may well deserve to be banned. On the other hand, a significant percentage of them could still be driving today – with clean licences and no bans – if only they’d used the information in my guide.

Just to let you know...

You’re Also Covered By
My 12 Month Money Back Guarantee...

We promise that the information inside The Ticket Timeout System will work for you. If it doesn't overturn your ticket, we'll help you out until it does. Or we'll give you a FULL REFUND of your money. Just send us the details. We GUARANTEE your success. Simple as that.

Think about it:–

How Much Would It Cost You NOT To Have
Your Driving Licence For 12 Months?

And as well as ever-increasing fines, the ‘hidden costs’ of a speeding ticket can include higher insurance premiums, penalty points on your licence, and maybe even disqualification. All of which would set you back several hundred pounds – just to get your licence back several months down the line.

All in all, a LOT more than the £67 investment for your copy of The Ticket Timeout System...

On More Thing – It’s Important

You’ve seen what I’ve had to say. Why this proven information is so important.

You’ve even seen how The Ticket Timeout System can help you beat the Speed Camera system, even when the odds seem to be loaded in the Police’s favour.

You MUST Hurry. Your Driving Licence May Depend On It.

I’m not going to insult your intelligence by saying there are “only a limited number of
these guides on sale”. There aren’t.

What I will say is there are an UNLIMITED number of sneaky methods the Police are using to satisfy their bloodlust for raking in more money from speeding fines.

Who knows? Your first (or next) speeding fine (and the penalty points to go with it) could well be lurking around the next bend in the road, just when you least expect it...

I urge you. Don’t become another statistic in the War Against The Motorist’. Don’t be the next victim of The Great Speed Camera Swindle, or the ‘Motorway Mafia’.

Make sure you get your copy of The Ticket Timeout System right NOW, today, before the next Speed Camera wreaks havoc in your life...


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The Ticket Timeout System TODAY...

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Click Here To Get Your Downloadable Copy Of The Ticket Timeout System(Your Guide To Beating Speeding Tickets)THE INFORMATION INSIDE THIS GUIDE IS FOR INFORMATION/ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. For legal reasons, we cannot advise you to use certain techniques explained within our guide unless you are innocent of a offence. We are NOT lawyers. Seek legal guidance if uns
IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: THE INFORMATION INSIDE THIS GUIDE IS FOR INFORMATION/ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. For legal reasons, we cannot advise you to use certain techniques explained within our guide unless you are innocent of a offence. We are NOT lawyers. Seek legal guidance if unsure.

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Yours sincerely,

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Dan Strauss, Author
The Ticket Timeout System

P.S. The Ticket Timeout System is your single unifying system which shows you how to quickly and easily overturn allegations of speeding, and reveal the major flaws in a number of cases of speeding allegations which you can turn to your advantage. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain (not least keeping your Driving Licence) by getting this online guide. You are under no obligation to us now or ever, and you’re fully covered by our 12-month money back guarantee. Reserve your copy of The Ticket Timeout System NOW by clicking on the button below. Order today.

Click Here To Get Your Downloadable Copy Of The Ticket Timeout System(Your Guide To Beating Speeding Tickets)

It is my intention to be as accurate in fact, detail and comment as possible. However, the authors, the publishers and their representatives cannot be held responsible for any error in details, accuracy or judgment whatsoever. This guide, and the contents therein, is produced on this understanding. If in doubt, please seek legal counsel. THE INFORMATION INSIDE THIS GUIDE IS FOR INFORMATION/ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. For legal reasons, we cannot advise you to use certain techniques explained within our guide unless you are innocent of a offence. We are NOT lawyers. Seek legal guidance if unsure.